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March 2017

Personnel changes

As befits a growing, dynamic company you sometimes have to deal with personnel changes. First, we say goodbye to Jons Hensel. Jons together with his girlfriend embarked on a trip around the world. New to the team, Menno van Veenendaal. He is our new project manager and with his years [...]

December 2016

November 2016

Latest Acquisition Aurelio: King William House, Egelantierstraat 141-143 te Amsterdam

Aurelio has started with the transformation of "Koning Willemshuis" (King William House), a listed monumental building that is located at the Egelantierstraat 141 -143, in the center of Amsterdam. It was built in 1863 and was considered one of the most important buildings in the neighborhood at that time. In honor of [...]

August 2016

Exhibition by 22 Artists from the “Vereniging van Beeldende Kunstenaars Laren-Blaricum” at Nederheem, Blaricum.

80 Years after Anna and William Singer, known for their impressive art collection, founded their dream villa in Blaricum, art will return to Nederheem. Approximately 22 artists will exhibit their work. The event is sponsored by the “Vereniging van Beeldende Kunstenaars Laren-Blaricum”. An association that already existed at the time [...]

Start of the build at the Raamgracht

Raamgracht by Aurelio is making good progress. All preparations are aimed at the realization of 6 unique lofts at the Raamgracht. We are pleased to announce the next phase, namely that on September 1st construction will start. Project leader from Aurelio Hans Vlaardingerbroek. For the realization of this project, [...]

June 2016

May 2016

June 2015

The Herengracht 132 garden house

Aurelio is a partner in the rebuilding of this canal house, which was hit by fireworks during New Year’s Eve 2008 and then burned down. The rebuilding is progressing well. During recent archival research into the interior, interesting information surfaced about the garden house that once stood there. In 1865 [...]